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2006-07-26 ONE OK ROCK 01.ROSE BLOOD 02.You've Broken My Heart 03.もしも太陽がなくなったとしたら… 04.日常エボリューション 2006-12-16 Keep it real 01.And I Know 02.Keep It Real 03.P_P_S_H_ 04.辛い+一=幸せ 2007-04-25 内秘心書 01.内秘心書 02.過去は教科書に未来は宿題 2007-07-25 努努-ゆめゆめ- 01.カラス (乌鸦) 02.努努-ゆめゆめ- 2007-10-24 エトセトラ (Et Cetera) 01.エトセトラ (Et Cetera) 02.後悔役に立たず 2007-11-21 ゼイタクビョウ (奢侈病) 01.(you can do) everything 02.A New One For All, All For The 03.Borderline 04.Lujo 05.カゲロウ 06.ケムリ 07.内秘心書 08.努努-ゆめゆめ- 09.夜にしか咲かない満月 (只在夜晚盛开的满月) 10.欲望に満ちた青年団 2008-05-28 BEAM OF LIGHT 01.100% 02.Abduction-Interlude 03.Crazy Botch 04.Melody Lineの死亡率 05.Yap 06.光芒 07.必然メーカー 08.燦さん星 2008-11-12 感情エフェクト 01.20 years old 02.break my strings 03.convincing 04.just dolls sweet baby 07.reflection violent fellow 美しきモッシュピット 09.どっぺるゲンガー 10.存在証明 11.恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド (恋爱的搭档心中的丘比特) 12.皆無 2010-02-03 完全感觉Dreamer 01.リングワンデルング (环形彷徨) 02.完全感覚Dreamer 03.独り言ロンリーナ 2010-06-09 Niche症候群 01.Introduction 02.Liar 03.Never Let This Go 04.Nobody's Home 05.Riot!!! 06.Shake it down 07.Wherever you are 08.Yes I am 09.じぶんROCK (我的摇滚) 10.アダルトスーツ 11.完全感覚Dreamer 12.未完成交響曲 13.混雑コミュニケーション (混乱沟通) 2011-02-16 答案近在咫尺 01.Silent World 02.To Feel The Fire 03.アンサイズクリア (Answer Is Clear) 04.アンサイズニア (Answer is Near) 2011-07-20 Re:make ∕NO SCARED 01.NO SCARED 02.Re_make 03.Rock,Scissors,Paper 2011-10-05 残响参照 01.Coda 02.C_h_a_o_s_m_y_t_h_ 03.Let's take it someday 04.LOST AND FOUND 05.Mr_ 現代Speaker 06.NO SCARED 07.Pierce 08.Re_make 09.アンサイズニア (Answer is Near) 10.キミシダイ列車 (全由你定的列车) 11.世間知らずの宇宙飛行士 (不问世事的宇航员) 2012-05-30 “残响Reference”TOUR in YOKOHAMA ARENA 01.C_h_a_o_s_m_y_t_h_ (Live) 02.Let's take it someday (Live) 03.Liar (Live) 04.LOST AND FOUND (Live) 05.Mr_現代Speaker (Live) 06.NO SCARED (不要害怕) (Live) 07.Nobody's Home (Live) 08.Pierce (Live) 09.Re_make (Live) 10.Rock,Scissors,Paper (Live) 11.Wherever you are (Live) 12.じぶんROCK (我的摇滚) (Live) 13.アンサイズニア (Answer is Near) (Live) 14.エトセトラ (Etc_) (Live) 15.カゲロウ (蜉蝣) (Live) 16.カラス (乌鸦) (Live) 17.キミシダイ列車 (全由你定的列车) (Live) 18.世間知らずの宇宙飛行士 (不问世事的宇航员) (Live) 19.完全感覚Dreamer (Live) 20.恋ノアイボウ心ノクピド (恋爱的搭档心中的丘比特) (Live) 21.未完成交響曲 (Live) 22.皆無 (Live) 2012-08-22 The Beginning 01.Notes'n'Words 02.The Beginning 03.欠落オートメーション (畸形自动化) 2013-01-09 Deeper Deeper/Nothing Helps 01.Deeper Deeper 02.Nothing Helps 03.カサブタ (疮痂) 2013-03-06 人生x我= 01.69 02.All Mine 03.Be the light 04.Clock Strikes 05.Deeper Deeper 06.Ending Story?? 07.Introduction~Where idiot should go~ 08.Juvenile 09.Nothing Helps 10.ONION! 11.Smilling down 12.The Beginning 13.the same as___ 2014-07-30 Mighty Long FallDecision 01.Decision 02.Mighty Long Fall 03.Pieces of Me 2015-02-11 35xxxv 01.3xxxv5 02.Cry out 03.Decision 04.Fight the night 05.Good Goodbye 06.Heartache (心痛) 07.Memories 08.Mighty Long Fall 09.One by One 10.Stuck in the middle 11.Suddenly 12.Take me to the top 13.ONE OK ROCK (ワンオクロック) _ Kellin - Paper Planes 2015-09-25 35xxxv (Deluxe Edition) 01.3xxxv5 02.Cry Out 03.Decision (feat.Tyler Carter)&Tyler Carter 04.Fight The Night 05.Good Goodbye 06.Heartache 07.Last Dance 08.Memories 09.Mighty Long Fall 10.One By One 11.Stuck In The Middle 12.Suddenly 13.Take Me To The Top 14.The Way Back 2017-01-11 Ambitions (日本盤) (壮志雄心) 01.Listen&Avril Lavigne 02.20_20 (Japanese Version) 03.Always coming back (Japanese Version) 04.Ambitions -Introduction- (壮志雄心) 05.Bedroom Warfare (Japanese Version) 06.Bombs away (Japanese Version) 07.Bon Voyage (Japanese Version) 08.I was King (Japanese Version) 09.Lost in Tonight (Japanese Version) 10.One Way Ticket (Japanese Version) 11.Start Again (Japanese Version) 12.Taking Off (Japanese Version) 13.We are (Japanese Version) 14.ONE OK ROCK (ワンオクロック) _ 5 Seconds Of Summer - Take what you want (Japanese Version) 2017-01-13 Ambitions (壮志雄心) 01.Ambitions -Introduction- 02.American Girls 03.Bedroom Warfare 04.Bombs Away 05.Bon Voyage 06.Hard To Love 07.I Was King 08.Jaded&Alex Gaskarth 09.Listen 10.One Way Ticket 11.Start Again 12.Take What You Want&5 Seconds of Summer 13.Taking Off 14.We Are 2017-03-05 Skyfall 01.Manhattan Beach 02.Right by your side 03.Skyfall 2019-02-15 Eye Of The Storm 01.Change 02.Eye Of The Storm 03.Giants 04.Grow Old Die Young 05.Head High 06.In The Stars(feat.Kiiara)&Kiiara 07.Letting Go 08.Push Back 09.Stand Out Fit In 10.The Last Time 11.Unforgettable 12.Wasted Nights 13.Worst In Me 2022-04-20 ONE OK ROCK 2021 Day to Night Acoustic Sessions 01.We are 02.Bombs away 03.カラス 04.The Beginning 05.Deeper Deeper 06.Heartache 07.Broken Heart of Gold 08.Mighty Long Fall 09.First Love 10.Taking Off 11.Renegades 12.Stand Out Fit In 13.Wasted Nights 2022-09-09 Luxury Disease (Japanese Version) 01.Save Yourself (Japanese Version) 02.Neon 03.Vandalize (Japanese Version) 04.When They Turn the Lights On 05.Let Me Let You Go (Japanese Version) 06.So Far Gone 07.Prove (Japanese Version) 08.Mad World (Japanese Version) 09.Free Them (feat. Teddy Swims) 10.Renegades (Japanese Version) 11.Outta Sight 12.Your Tears are Mine 13.Wonder (Japanese Version) 14.Broken Heart of Gold (Japanese Version) 15.Gravity (feat. Satoshi Fujihara) [OFFICIAL HIGE DANDISM] 单曲列表 2012-12-15 the same as 2013-03-27 Simple Plan SUMMER PARADISE feat Taka from 2015-10-02 The Way Back -Japanese Ver.- 2016-03-11 Always coming back 2016-06-23 Hello (Cover By Taka From ONE OK ROCK) 2016-06-23 Pillowtalk (Cover by Taka from ONE OK ROCK) 2016-09-16 Taking Off (起飞离开脱掉) 2021-04-16 Renegades 2021-04-16 Renegades (Japanese Version) 2021-05-27 Broken Heart of Gold 2021-05-27 Broken Heart of Gold (Japanese Version) 2021-07-30 Renegades (Acoustic) 2021-10-22 Wonder (Japanese Version) 2021-10-22 Wonder 2022-06-24 Save Yourself 2022-09-07 Vandalize (Explicit) 2023-08-24 Make It Out Alive

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