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2013.09-《Yours Truly》 01.Honeymoon Avenue 02.Baby I 03.Right There (feat. Big Sean) 04.Tattooed Heart 05.Lovin' It 06.Piano 07.Daydreamin' 08.The Way (feat. Mac Miller) 09.You'll Never Know 10.Almost Is Never Enough 11.Popular Song 12.Better Left Unsaid 13.The Way (Spanglish Version) 14.The Way (JdB Radio) 15.Right There (7th Heaven Radio Edit) 16.Baby I (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit) 2013.10-《Baby I (Frankie Knuckles Eric Kupper & Cosmic Dawn Remixes)》 01.Baby I (A Director's Cut Mix) 02.Baby I (A Director's Cut Dub) 03.Baby I (A Director's Cut Radio Edit) 04.Baby I (Cosmic Dawn Club Remix) 05.Baby I (Cosmic Dawn Dub) 06.Baby I (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit) 2013.12-《Christmas Kisses》 01.Last Christmas 02.Love Is Everything 03.Santa Baby (feat. Liz Gillies) 04.Santa Tell Me 05.Snow In California 2014.08-《My Everything》 01.Intro 02.Problem (featuring Iggy Azalea) 03.One Last Time 04.Why Try 05.Break Free (featuring Zedd) 06.Best Mistake (featuring Big Sean) 07.Be My Baby (featuring Cashmere Cat) 08.Break Your Heart Right Back (featuring Childish Gambino) 09.Love Me Harder (featuring The Weeknd) 10.Just a Little Bit of Your Heart 11.Hands On Me (featuring A$AP Ferg) 12.My Everything 13.Jessie J,Ariana Grande,Nicki Minaj - Bang Bang 14.Only 1 15.You Don't Know Me 16.Cadillac Song 17.Too Close 18.Baby I (Japan Bonus Track) 2015.05-《The Remix》 01.Way (feat. Mac Miller) [Sidney Samson Remix] 02.Right There (feat. Big Sean) [7th Heaven Radio Edit] 03.Right There (feat. Big Sean) [Ralphi Rosario Radio] 04.Baby I (Cosmic Dawn Radio Edit) 05.Baby I (A Director’s Cut Radio Edit) 06.Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea) [Wayne G Radio Edit] 07.Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea) [Dave Aude Twerk Edit] 08.Problem (feat. Iggy Azalea) [Dawin Remix] 09.Break Free (feat. Zedd) [Zedd's Extended Mix] 10.Bang Bang (Dada Life Remix) 11.Bang Bang (3LAU Remix) 12.Love Me Harder (Kassiano Remix) 13.Love Me Harder (Gregor Salto Amsterdam Mix) 14.Love Me Harder (DJ Class Remix) 15.One Last Time (Gazzo Remix) 2015.10-《Focus (Japanese Single Version)》 01.Focus (Original Version) 02.Focus (Instrumental Version) 03.Message In Japanese From Ariana 2015.12-《Christmas & Chill》 01.Intro 02.Wit It This Christmas 03.December 04.Not Just On Christmas 05.True Love 06.Winter Things 2016.05-《Dangerous Woman[Deluxe]》 01.Moonlight 02.Dangerous Woman 03.Be Alright 04.Into You 05.Side to Side (feat. Nicki Minaj) 06.Let Me Love You (feat. Lil Wayne) 07.Greedy 08.Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray) 09.Everyday (feat. Future) 10.Sometimes 11.I Don’t Care 12.Bad Decisions 13.Touch It 14.Knew Better / Forever Boy 15.Thinking Bout You 2016.11-《Christmas & Chill (Japan Version)》 01.Intro 02.Wit It This Christmas 03.December 04.Not Just on Christmas 05.True Love 06.Winter Things 07.Into You (Alex Ghenea Remix) 2018.08-《Sweetener》 01.Raindrops 02.Blazed (feat. Pharrell) 03.The Light Is Coming (feat. Nicki Minaj) 04.R.E.M 05.God Is A Woman 06.Sweetener 07.Successful 08.Everytime 09.Breathin 10.No Tears Left To Cry 11.Borderline (feat. Missy Elliott) 12.Better Off 13.Goodnight 'n go 14.Pete 15.Get Well Soon 2019.02-《thank u, next (Explicit)》 01.imagine 02.needy 03.NASA 04.bloodline 05.fake smile 06.bad idea 07.make up 08.ghostin my head 10.7 rings 11.thank u, next 12.break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored 2019.12-《k bye for now (swt live)》 01.Raindrops (An Angel Cried) [Live] 02.God Is A Woman (Live) 03.Bad Idea (Live) 04.Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored (Live) 05.R.e.m (Live) 06.Be Alright (Live) 07.Sweetener (Live) 08.Successful (Live) 09.Side To Side (Live) Featuring – Nicki Minaj 10.7 Rings (Live) 11.Love Me Harder (Live) 12.Breathin (Live) 13.Needy (Live) 14.Fake Smile (Live) 15.Make Up (Live) 16.Right There (Live) Featuring – Big Sean 17.You'll Never Know (Live) 18.Break Your Heart Right Back (Live) Featuring – Childish Gambino 19.Nasa (Live) 20.Tattooed Heart (Live) 21.Only 1 (Live) 22.Goodnight N Go (Live) 23.Get Well Soon (Live) 24.In My Head Interlude (Live) 25.Everytime (Live) 26.The Light Is Coming (Live) Featuring – Nicki Minaj 27.Into You (Live) 28.My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Live) 29.Dangerous Woman (Live) 30.Break Free (Live) 31.No Tears Left To Cry (Live) 32.Thank U, Next (Live) 2020.10-《Positions》 01.Shut Up 02.34+35 03.Motive (feat. Doja Cat) 04.Just like Magic 05.Off the Table (feat. The Weeknd) 06.Six Thirty 07.Safety Net (feat. Ty Dolla Sign) 08.My Hair 09.Nasty 10.West Side 11.Love Language 12.Positions 13.Obvious 14.POV 2021.02-《Positions (Deluxe)》 01.shut up 02.34+35 03.motive feat Doja Cat 04.just like magic the table feat The Weeknd 06.six thirty net feat Ty Dolla $ign hair 09.nasty 10.west side language 12.positions 13.obvious 14.pov 15.someone like u (interlude|bonus) 16.test drive (bonus) 17.34+35 (Remix|Explicit) 18.worst behavior (bonus|Explicit) 19.main thing (bonus) 2023.08-《Yours Truly (Tenth Anniversary Edition)》 01.Honeymoon Avenue 02.Baby I 03.Right There 04.Tattooed Heart 05.Lovin' It 06.Piano 07.Daydreamin' 08.The Way 09.You’ll Never Know 10.Almost Is Never Enough 11.Popular Song 12.Better Left Unsaid 13.The Way (Spanglish Version) 14.Honeymoon Avenue (Live from London) 15.Daydreamin' (Live from London) 16.Baby I (Live from London) 17.Tattooed Heart (Live from London) 18.Right There (Live from London) 19.The Way (Live from London) 2024-eternal sunshine 01.intro (end of the world) 02.bye 03.don't wanna break up again 04.Saturn Returns Interlude 05.eternal sunshine 06.supernatural 07.true story 08.the boy is mine 09.yes, and? 10.we can't be friends (wait for your love) 11.i wish i hated you 12.imperfect you 13.ordinary things (feat. Noona) 单曲列表 2011.12-PutYourHeartsUp 2012.12-Suitcase(Live) 2013.09-TheWay(SpanglishVersion) 2013.10-PinkChampagne 2014.01-LoveMeHarder(LYARRemix) 2014.04-Don'tBeGoneTooLong 2014.07-BreakFree(RodrigoSilvaRemix) 2014.09-BangBang(Remixes) 2015.02-Adore 2015.02-OneLastTime(Attends-moi) 2015.03-Adore(SjaafRe-Think) 2015.05-OneLastTime(Fedez合唱) 2015.10-EPiutipenso(FromOnceUponATimeInAmerica) 2015.10-Focus 2015.11-BoysLikeYou 2016.01-OverAndOverAgain 2016.03-ThisIsNotaFeministSong 2016.07-BetterDays 2016.07-DangerousWoman(MontisRemix) 2016.08-HoneymoonAvenue(wDapKings) 2016.08-IntoYou(Remix) 2016.08-OGHoneymoonAve 2016.08-VOODOOLOVE 2016.09-Jason'sSong(GaveItAway) 2016.09-KnewBetterPartTwo 2016.09-MyFavoritePart 2016.11-Faith(FromSingOriginalMotionPictureSoundtrack) 2017.02-BeautyandtheBeast(FromBeautyandtheBeast) 2017.02-SidetoSide(Remixes) 2017.03-Heatstroke 2017.05-Quit(WildKidzRemix) 2017.06-SomewhereOverTheRainbow(LiveFromManchester) 2018.05-ArturoSandoval 2018.06-Bed(Explicit) 2018.06-DanceToThis 2019.02-7rings(Remix) 2019.04-MONOPOLY 2019.08-boyfriend(Explicit) 2019.09-Don'tCallMeAngel(Charlie'sAngels) 2019.10-AHandForMrs.Claus 2019.10-GoodAsHell(feat.ArianaGrande)[Remix] 2020.05-RainOnMe 2020.05-StuckwithU 2020.07-RainOnMe(PurpleDiscoMachineRemix) 2020.07-RainOnMe(RalphiRosarioRemix) 2020.12-OhSanta! 2021.01-34+35(Remix)[Explicit] 2021.04-Save Your Tears (Remix) 2021.11-Just Look Up (From Don't Look Up) [Explicit] 2022.Santa, Can’t You Hear Me 2023.02-Die For You (Remix)

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