2019-IT'z Different 01.WANT IT? 02.달라달라 2019-IT'z ICY 01.CHERRY 02.ICY 03.IT'z SUMMER 04.WANT IT? 05.달라달라 2020-IT'z ME 01.TING TING TING with Oliver Heldens 02.24HRS 03.I DON’T WANNA DANCE 04.NOBODY LIKE YOU 05.THAT’S A NO NO 06.WANNABE 07.YOU MAKE ME 2020-NOT SHY 01.Be In Love 02.Don't Give A What 03.iD 04.Louder 05.NOT SHY 06.SURF 2021-Not Shy (English Ver.) 01.Not Shy (English Ver_) 02.WANNABE (English Ver_) 03.ICY (English Ver_) 04.달라달라 (English Ver_) 2021-GUESS WHO 01.In the morning 02.KIDDING ME 03.SHOOT! 04.Sorry Not Sorry 05.TENNIS (0:0) 06.Wild Wild West 2021-CRAZY IN LOVE 01.LOCO 02.SWIPE 03.Sooo LUCKY 04.#Twenty 05.B[OO]M-BOXX 06.Gas Me Up 07.LOVE is 08.Chillin' Chillin' 09.Mirror 10.LOCO (English Ver.) 11.DALLA DALLA (纯音乐) 12.ICY (纯音乐) 13.WANNABE (纯音乐) 14.Not Shy (纯音乐) 15.In the morning (纯音乐) 16.LOCO (纯音乐) 2021-IT'z ITZY -Japanese ver.- 01.DALLA DALLA -Japanese ver.- 02.ICY -Japanese ver.- 03.WANNABE -Japanese ver.- 04.Not Shy -Japanese ver.- 05.In the morning -Japanese ver.- 06.LOCO -Japanese ver.- 2022-Voltage 01.Voltage 02.Spice 03.Voltage (Instrumental) 04.Spice (Instrumental) 2022-CHECKMATE 01.SNEAKERS 02.RACER 03.WHAT I WANT 04.Free Fall 05.365 06.DOMINO 07.SNEAKERS (English Ver.) 2022-CHESHIRE 01.Cheshire 02.Snowy 03.Freaky 04.Boys Like You 2023-KILL MY DOUBT 01.BET ON ME 02.CAKE 03.None of My Business 04.Bratty (나쁜 애) 05.Psychic Lover 06.Kill Shot 2023-RINGO 01.RINGO 02.Sugar-holic 03.Playlist 04.STYLE 05.Voltage 06.Spice 07.Blah Blah Blah 08.Can't tie me down 09.SNEAKERS (Japanese ver.) 10.Cheshire (Japanese ver.) 11.Trust Me (MIDZY) (Japanese ver.) 2024-BORN TO BE 01.BORN TO BE 02.UNTOUCHABLE 03.Mr. Vampire 04.Dynamite 05.Crown On My Head (예지) (YEJI) 06.Blossom (리아) (LIA) 07.Run Away (류진) (RYUJIN) 08.Mine (채령) (CHAERYEONG) 09.Yet, but (유나) (YUNA) 10.Escalator 单曲列表 2021-Trust Me (MIDZY) 2021-In the morning (English Ver.) 2021-얼음깨 (Break Ice) 2022-Weapon (With 뉴니온, 플로어) (Prod_ Czaer) 2022-Blah Blah Blah 2022-Boys Like You 2023-Trust Me (MIDZY) (Japanese ver.)