2015-《All Of X》 ********************* (Snippet) *********** A Message to Tina Belcher Amy Winehouse Clarity (Snippet) Freddy vs. Jason Fukemweball Ghost Gxd Damn I Luv My Clique Like Kanye West IWatchedHimDrown King Of The Dead Look at Me Netherrack! Never Okage the Shadow King Pistol Skin Splash! The Fall Valentine Very Rare Forever Freestyle Vice City Willy Wonka Was a Child Murderer XXX XXXTENTACION,killstation - Snow XXXTENTACION,Ski Mask the Slump God - Take A Step Back XXXTENTACION,wifisfuneral - Don't Test Me XXXTENTACION,wifisfuneral - Mankin 2017-《17》 Ayala (Outro) Carry On Dead Inside (Interlude) Depression & Obsession Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares Jocelyn Flores Orlando Revenge Save Me The Explanation XXXTENTACION,Trippie Redd - **** Love 2017-《21XXX》 Amy Winehouse (Explicit) Valentine (Explicit) GXD (Explicit) Shoot (Explicit) Bulls**t (Explicit) King Zoo (Explicit) Never (Explicit) Offended (Explicit) Fuxk (Explicit) I Might (Explicit) 21 Guns (Explicit) 100 (Explicit) 2017-《A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL》 A GHETTO CHRISTMAS CAROL hate will never win Indecision Red Light! UP LIKE AN INSOMNIAC (Freestyle) 2017-Free X Reezy London Intro VERY RARE FOREVER FREESTYLE Rare, Part 2 SUICIDE PIT you're thinking to much, stop it WingRiddenAngel Snow what i do when alone Valentine The Fall Emoji Broly Freddy Vs Jason fuxk GXD DAMN ILOVEITWHENTHEYRUN Dont Test Me Remix MANIKIN Save Me 2017-《Revenge》 I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore King Look At Me! Looking for a Star Valentine YuNg BrAtZ XXXTENTACION,killstation,Kin$oul - Slipknot 2017-《XXXTENTACION Presents Members Only, Vol. 3》 Invisible Klip Wassup Bro! Chokehold Boost! 4Peat Members Only **** Find Me (Intro) Vulture On That ***** Maxipads 4 Everyone! Curse Came2Kill Slipknot Supra Butthole Girl! Bowser H2O Off the Wall! Static Shock What in XXXTarnation LOL God Damn 2018-《?》 love yourself (interlude) Floor 555 going down! Introduction (instructions) Hope Moonlight schizophrenia NUMB SAD! the remedy for a broken heart (why am I so in love) infinity (888) I don’t even speak spanish lol $$$ SMASH! Pain = BESTFRIEND ALONE, PART 3 before I close my eyes changes 2018-《SKINS》 BAD! difference (interlude) Guardian angel I don’t let go Introduction STARING AT THE SKY Train food what are you so afraid of whoa (mind in awe) XXXTENTACION,Kanye West - One Minute 2019-《XXXTENTACION Presents Members Only, Vol. 4》 Red Pills (Love in the Matrix) Corey's Intro Nothing PROUD PUPPY LOVER! Now or Never Woah (Freestyle) Empty Over the Rainbow Plottin Limbo Cold Weather Radar He Diddy! Pick Your Poison MEMBERS ONLY! Sauce! Hi Wendy! Rebirth (2016) Fall in Love with Death Gassed Up! Touch Eem Body You Are Not M.O. Jahseh on my Wrist 2019-《Bad Vibes Forever》 UGLY numb the pain Triumph THE ONLY TIME I FEEL ALIVE IT'S ALL FADING TO BLACK wanna grow old (i won't let go) CHASE / glass shards Daemons the interlude that never ends NorthStar (Remix) LIMBO School Shooters Royalty Ecstasy I Changed Her Life Voss Kill My Vibe Hot Gyal ATTENTION! before i realize Eat It Up Ex Bitch HEARTEATER introduction 2022-《LOOK AT ME: THE ALBUM.》 01.vice city 02.NEVER 03.rare 04.FUXK (feat. Ski Mask the Slump God);Ski Mask the Slump God 05.WingRiddenAngel 06.King Of The Dead 07.FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION (Interlude) 08.#ImSippinTeaInYoHood 09.I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine 10.Willy Wonka Was a Child Murderer 11.KILL ME (Pain From The Jail Phone) 12.Look At Me! 13.I Don't Wanna Do This Anymore 14.YuNg BrAtZ 15.Jocelyn Flores 16.Depression & Obsession 17.Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares 18.ALONE, PART 3 19.Moonlight 20.SAD! 21.changes 22.hope 23.before I close my eyes 24.Train food 25.True Love 单曲列表 XXXTENTACION,Ski Mask the Slump God - What in XXXTarnation XXXTENTACION,Sizzla - My Girl (Remix) XXXTENTACION,Scott James - Tightrope XXXTENTACION,Maluma,Swae Lee - Arms Around You XXXTENTACION,Ky-Mani Marley,Stefflon Don - Royalty XXXTENTACION,JonFX,MzVee - I'm Yours (Remix) YuNg BrAtZ The Boy With The Black Eyes (prod. prxz & Natra Average) Teeth: Interlude skin SippinTeaInYoHood Sad! RestInP**sy Never looking for a star (cant get you out of my head) (Prod. DIPLO) Look At Me! KING Jocelyn Flores In The End I spoke to the devil in miami, he said everything would be fine I don't wanna do this anymore Hope HEARTEATER Revenge Don't Wanna (Pure 100% Flip) Caution (Snippet) Amy Winehouse Skye,VOICES (feat. XXXTENTACION) Ski Mask the Slump God,Take A Step Back Seeiraq,GhosteMane,4RANTINE (instrumental) Ronny J,Banded Up (feat. XXXTENTACION) Rich Brian,Keith Ape,Gospel Noah Cyrus,XXXTENTACION,Alan Walker - Again (Alan Walker Remix) Noah Cyrus,Again Lil Peep,XXXTENTACION,Travis Barker - Falling Down (Travis Barker Remix) Lil Peep,Falling Down Craig Xen,RUN IT BACK! vice city let's pretend we're numb