1973-Queen I 1974-Queen II 1974-Killer Queen (EP) 1974-Sheer Heart Attack 1975-A Night At The Opera 1976-A Day At The Races 1977-News Of The World 1977-Queen's First EP 1978-Jazz 1979-Live Killers 1980-The Game 1980-Flash (EP) 1981-Flash Gordon 1981-Greatest Hits 1982-Hot Space 1984-The Works (2011 Remaster) 1984-I Want To Break Free (EP) 1984-Hammer To Fall (EP) 1984-Radio Ga Ga (EP) 1985-One Vision (EP) 1986-A Kind of Magic 1986-Live Magic 1989-Scandal 1989-The Miracle 1989-I Want It All (EP) 1990-Live at Wembley 86 1991-Innuendo 1991-The Show Must Go On 1991-We Will Rock You We Are The Champions 1992-Live At Wembley Stadium 1993-George Michael and Queen 1995-Let Me Live 1995-Made In Heaven 2004-On Fire Live At The Bowl 2006-Stone Cold Classics 2007-Queen Rock Montreal 2008-The Cosmos Rocks 2011-A Night At The Opera(Deluxe Edition 2011 Remaster) 2011-Queen_ Greatest Hits 2012-Hungarian Rhapsody (Live In Budapest 1986) 2014-Live At the Rainbow (Deluxe Version) 2014-Queen Forever (Deluxe Edition) 2015-A Night at the Odeon 2016-Queen On Air 2017-We Are The Champions (Raw Sessions Version) 2017-We Will Rock You (Raw Sessions Version) 2018-Bohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack) 2019-Morumbi Brazil 1981 (Live) 2020-Greatest Hits In Japan 2020-You Are The Champions 2022-Face It Alone