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Alec Benjamin斑鸠歌曲下载



2018-11-16 《Narrated For You》 01.If We Have Each Other 02.Water Fountain 03.Annabelle's Homework 04.Let Me Down Slowly 05.Swim 06.Boy In The Bubble 07.Steve 08.Gotta Be A Reason 09.Outrunning Karma 10.If I Killed Someone For You 11.Death Of A Hero 12.1994 2020-05-29 《These Two Windows》 01.Mind Is A Prison 02.Demons 03.Oh My God 04.The Book of You & I 05.Match In The Rain 06.Jesus in LA 07.I'm Not A Cynic 08.Alamo 09.Must Have Been The Wind 10.Just Like You 2022-04-15 《(Un)Commentary》 01.Dopamine Addict 02.Hammers 03.The Way You Felt 04.Shadow Of Mine 05.Speakers 06.Hill I Will Die On 07.Hipocrite 08.Nancy Got A Haircut 09.Nuance 10.Devil Doesn’t Bargain 11.Deniro 12.Older 13.One Wrong Turn 2023-04-07《你的目光》 01.你的目光 (The Way You Felt) 02.一念之间 (One Wrong Turn) [feat. Ty.] 03.影子对手 (Shadow of Mine) [feat. 段奥娟] 04.最佳配角 (Deniro) 05.成长 (Older) 06.黑色领结 (Nuance) [feat. 陈婧霏] 07.魔鬼与凡人 (Devil Doesn’t Bargain) [feat. 焦迈奇] 08.时间工匠 (Hammers) 单曲列表: 2014-11-11 《Paper Crown》 2016-06-10 《End of the Summer》 2016-11-10 《Gabriel》 2017-05-30 《I Built a Friend》 2018-05-25 《Let Me Down Slowly》 2018-06-22 《The Boy In The Bubble》 2018-07-27 《If We Have Each Other》 2018-08-25 《Death of a Hero》 2018-09-27 《Outrunning Karma》 2018-11-01 《1994》 2019-01-07 《Let Me Down Slowly》 2019-06-13 《Must Have Been The Wind》 2019-07-16 《Jesus In LA》 2019-12-12 《Mind Is A Prison》 2020-01-16 《Demons》 2020-02-13 《Oh My God》 2020-03-05 《The Book of You & I》 2020-04-09 《Six Feet Apart》 2020-07-23 《I Built A Friend》 2020-08-13 《Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic, Pt. 2》 2021-04-30 《The Way You Felt》 2021-06-25 《The Way You Felt (Acoustic Version)》 2021-08-20 《Change My Clothes》 2021-09-17 《Older》 2022-12-02 《Paper Crown》 2024-01-26《Pick Me》

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